"Utterly wonderful and miraculous. I've been using the vibrational aromatherapy oil, which I love, every day, and am finding it much easier to stay centered, focused and TIDY. Wow."      ~Jo Fairley, Co-Founder The Perfume Society, London UK


"Aromas, fragrance, scent and the Alchemy of good taste is so very important in the world of fine food. Having Ixchel create and blend my very own personal Alkemical Fragrance has enriched my life and proven irresistible to the people who count."      ~Alex von Bidder, Managing Partner, The Four Seasons Restaurant, NYC, NY USA


"It is phenomenal. The combination of fragrances is so complex and fascinating. Everyone says it smells like me. The fragrance is one of the only things helping me. It keeps me centered in all of this chaos. Thank you again."     ~ Hayes Hamilton, NYC USA

"Amazing, unexpected, potent."      ~ Amanda McBroom, Songwriter, Singer, California USA

"...With your help I was able to finally focus on the important issues and create a working order of my own, instead of being in a constant panic. The perfume was wonderful because it always helped me to come back and focus when circumstances seemed to spin out of control. I actually still carry the little pouch with me... even though the little bottle is empty."      ~Ingrid, NYC USA


"I was 'Ixchelled' on Saturday eve - how gracious the process was, and so affirmative. I strongly feel the effect."      ~Stewart Pearce, Executive Director The Alchemy of Voice; Master of Voice, (Formerly with Shakespeare's Globe Theatre) London UK


"Hi Ixchel, you could not have been more right about my life changing. I have really enjoyed working with the oils."     ~Carolyn Maggard, Atlanta, GA USA

"THANK YOU for your wonderful Vibrational Fragrance. It really has made a marked improvement... I'm sure you've given me a Karmic boost. I've been much more focused and positive since the session and I've spent much more time with my family - despite being busy!"      ~Joanne Sawicki, Founder CEO, Cerescom Ltd; Non Executive Director, Isocell SA


Shelley von Strunckel ~ Astrologer, Consultant, Writer & Editor (London, UK)

Ms. von Strunckel became more familiar with a succession of Parfum Alkemie fragrances over a period of a year, as every four months she received another session and another personalized parfum.


"This particular fragrance worked like a tonic. Suddenly everything seems so simple! Talk about transformation of viewpoint! Using my fragrance removed all the heaviness from my mind, attitude, and aura - shifting, no lifting - the energy immediately."

"I am beginning to discover that the introduction to a new blend is a mind-bending experience. It's an olfactory glimpse into the future - a 'sense' of where one's going, what I will be like when I get there. The scents smell somewhat strange at first - foreign - yet familiar. This is as it should be, since each time I am just encountering a part of me... the part I have yet to meet."

"I sensed, smelled the power of it even before I opened the bottle. Where as before the first sensation was one of entering a slightly foreign - no, UNEXPLORED - territory, this scent makes me feel as if I am coming home. But coming home in power and glory, striding with strength. I am almost reeling from its impact. I feel giddy, light. Perhaps it's that I am already feeling as if it's enabling me to shake off useless restrictions."


I have been creating custom scents and parfums for individuals and businesses for more than three decades. Thank you all for your heartfelt and glowing comments.