PARFUM SONATA Affirmations: vibrancy of light & pure clarity

PARFUM SONATA Affirmations: vibrancy of light & pure clarity

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AFFIRMATION: "I experience Life with acceptance, joy, and clarity."

PURPOSE: A scented melody of pure vibrancy, helping to shed light and bring you to clarity, assisting you daily so you can move into harmony with the melodic flow of Life and with the harmony of your Soul.

ABOUT SONATA- composed from white flowers and trees that produce white flowers. Osmanthus and Chrysanthemum offer their elixir as head notes. A powerful fresh, spicy, and green heart with three separate Melody of Flowers: Magnolia, Champaca, & Tuberose, while Angelica and White Rose create fullness of heart. Depth from white-blossomed trees creates the soul with Amyris and Muhuhu. Rich. Delicate. Cherished.

SONATA “White is my favorite color. It represents purity, the truth, that which I Am. I AM light! Such a fragrance made from these magnificent flowers could always remind me of that…and send that message to all around me. Thank you for creating such a blessing!” -Tanah Whitemore, Pryor, Mountana USA

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