PARFUM PHOENIX (Fire Element): focus creativity & remove blocks

PARFUM PHOENIX (Fire Element): focus creativity & remove blocks

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PURPOSE: Creating focus and removing blocks in the way of lighting the fire to your ideas and creativity. Encourages alertness. The Element of Fire speaks to your Spirit. Your Spirit is as Fire: an intelligent essence with the ability to transmute. 

ABOUT PHOENIX: Light citrusy top note of tangy Pink Grapefruit, joined by soft grassesfrom Nepal: Palmarosa. Fiery excitement comprises the heart of pungent spices with Cardamom and Ginger. Supported by an uplifting dash of rich Coffee and piquant Nutmeg. A spicy and rich fragrance that exudes zest, as from a tour through a tropical spice plantation, while it awakens your creative energy and inner fire of ideas.

PHOENIX “Everything about this parfum inspires me…knowledge, connection, and transmutation, like the alchemists of old. This parfum exudes the spirit of The Silk Road, that ancient trade route that enabled East and West to exchange both wisdom and fragrant spices… Love it!” -Debra Eve, Los Angeles CA USA

PHOENIX “Coffee and Cardamom?! What’s not to like! And citrus and palma rosa…yummy!” -Joni Stallings, San Luis Obispo, CA USA

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