PARFUM MYSTIQUE (Earth Element): increase endurance & energy

PARFUM MYSTIQUE (Earth Element): increase endurance & energy

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PURPOSE: Endurance and energizing. Invigorating for the Body, Mind, and Spirit, encouraging overall fortitude. The Element of Earth speaks to your physical body. The Body is as the Earth: nurturing and rich and full of promise, if you honor it. 

ABOUT MYSTIQUE: A fougere inspired fragrance embraces the mystery of Nature. Visualize ferns undercover of majestic trees, enshrouded by the enigmatic. A heart of Lavender and Rhododendron follows head notes of Kaffir Lime and Red Mandarin. A soul of oriental notes with VetiverCognac, and Tobacco. Elevates your psyche and connects you deeply to Nature and to your own essential nature. 

MYSTIQUE “I am energized by nature. I find inspiration as I walk along the ocean… my mind clears and answers come to me. I build zen rock stacks by the ocean as my meditation.” -Carol Marshall, Santa Barbara, CA USA

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