PARFUM ILLUME (Air Element): manifest changes

PARFUM ILLUME (Air Element): manifest changes

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PURPOSE: Manifesting changes. Helps open your individuation, taking you to the deeper levels of your origins. Element of Air/Wind speaks to your Mind. Your Mind is as the Air: an innate intelligence, moving, and fresh, if you seek with openness. 

ABOUT ILLUME: Ancient sacredness blended alchemically using roots, fruit, and flowers with just a whisper of enigmatic wonder. Herby May Chang and Rose Geranium are bright head notes. A heart of fruity Cassie and earthy Davana cradle possibilities. A soul rich with sacred Jatamansi, a Frankincense Melody (several types), and Cedarwood from high up in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains offer etheric and intrinsic promises.

ILLUME “I love the fact that this speaks to my mind! I’m always looking to open my mind to more around me and trust my intuition to show me the way. '‘ -Gerry Greschner, Sundre, Alberta Canada

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