PARFUM BRILLIANT Affirmations: encourage adventure & renewal

PARFUM BRILLIANT Affirmations: encourage adventure & renewal

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AFFIRMATION: “I am resilient and I thrive.”

PURPOSE: Life is lived by feeling uplifted and thriving! (Not feeling in a state of constant survival.) Sparks joy, deepens the celebration of Life, encourages adventure and renewal. 

ABOUT BRILLIANT: opens with citrusy fresh head notes of Sweet Orange and Petitgrain. Accented with a heart of mysticism by tropical Ylang YlangPatchouli brings in a dash of bohemia to the soul of this parfum. This fragrance pays homage to Ojai, means Moon in Chumash language. A town, when surrounded by fire in December 2017, was touched by a miracle: it not only survived, but it rose up and thrived!

“The scent of BRILLIANT brings every cell of my body into joyfulness. This scent inspires me to be present, playful and to delight in this moment. I think those qualities organically ignite my innate brilliance.” -Sharon Mauldin, Papaikou, HI USA

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  • 30 ml spray - $110

  • 50 ml spray - $174

  • 100 ml spray - $290

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