Aromatic Alkemie Academie



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The Aromatic Alkemie Academie is the path where I share knowledge and wisdom. I have invested decades in researching the wisdom found in Nature, and meditating  with individual plants and their essences to intuit their particular wisdoms. I have years of experiences in a sacred way with indigenous peoples around the globe. The fruits of this are integrated into all that I create and all I share with others. Education is the dessert of Life!


Scent Salons

The Essence of Artisan Parfums Experiential

Ixchel shares her Alkemie Parfums. Their intriguing ingredients, take you on a journey around the world with their transportive sensuous stories and fragrances that create Scents-Ability of Wellbeing. Scent-filled, meditative, luscious, and transformational. 

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Ixchel Leigh's School of Parfumerie

Techniques & Blending Alkemie Parfums to Inspire

Can scent influence your potential? Yes!

Blend your own botanical fragrances inspired by Nature and your parfum will inspire you! 

For those who want to learn how to blend Alkemie Parfums and to create "Parfums with Purpose." 

How to's:

  • Notes in parfums: head, heart, and soul.

  • Types of fragrances: woody, herby, florals, orientals, fougere, and chypre.

  • Essential oils to create Scents-Ability of Wellbeing and compelling fragrances.

  • Recommended carriers, and more!

Ixchel's approach to parfumerie takes it beyond traditional into transformational!

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Vibrational AromaTherapy by Ixchel (tm)

Nature's Gifts for Transformation balancing ChakraAuras

Beyond aromatherapy and aromachology, this modality for assisting wellbeing was created by Ixchel in 1990. Initially channeled information, it uses Nature's gifts to create a Scents-Ability of Wellbeing, while balancing the energetic systems of the chakras and auras. It is detailed in her 2001 (out of print) published book: Aromatic Alchemy ~ Recipes for Transformation. The new second edition of the book Aromatic Alchemy will be published early in 2019.

Courses in Vibrational AromaTherapy by Ixchel (TM) will begin in 2019. Watch here for details.



"Since I started using the techniques and tools that Ixchel created for personal growth and transformation, I have been creating and manifesting my desire and dream with ease and confidence. I have been amazed at the positive healing response from my clients, family, and friends. I truly feel like I am a facilitator for this amazing plant spirit energy who takes my clients on a healing journey. I have seen both subtle and quite amazing shifts in my clients, especially emotionally and spiritually. They seem to be more 'on purpose' since I added [these] 'Tools' to my 'Toolbox'. I will be forever grateful for that. I feel inspired to help bring this amazing work out into the world."

- Lauren Marie Thomas, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Vibrational AromaTherapy (VbAT) Practitioner and Instructor