Personal Parfums

Purpose: Find the Support or Inspiration You Desire

SoulParfum for Transformation ~ Designed for Individuals to aid and give support, assisting the individual over potential speed bumps in their life at the moment: professionally, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically. This is a specific fragrance created only once, which best gives the support for this moment and time of the individual’s life.


Prior to creating the custom Parfum, Ixchel consults with the client in person or by phone. Her intuitive abilities allow her to assist an individual to clearly and succinctly determine what is immediately important to the individual.

After the initial interview, Ixchel fully intuits the essential oils/natural essences that best support, along with any other helpful intuited information. The parfum and information are given to the client.

This is a fragrance for this specific moment in time, and is never duplicated again. Most clients request a personal  AlcheMystical Parfum 2-4 times a year, as each time is different in their life and will necessitate a different supportive formula and set of information.

Parfum is blended in a base of jojoba/grapeseed oil and comes in a decorative carry pouch, nestled in a box.


  • $ 270 ~ Session, Intuited Information, with 5ml bottle of Parfum

  • Yearly Subscription: Four Sessions for an Individual, Intuited Information, with four 5ml Parfums ~ $900 (savings of $180)


"I had my first session with Ixchel during a time when I was going through major change in several areas of my life. I didn't know what to expect, but Ixchel guided me through it patiently and lovingly. After a guided meditation and a consultation, she provided me with a daily affirmation and a customized essential oil, comprised of ingredients that, together, could help me through the various undertakings I was facing. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but I applied the oil and said the affirmation every morning and every night. Within two months I felt empowered, confident, and had moved into a totally new space-- something I never, ever would have expected to happen so quickly and so thoroughly. I credit Ixchel and her brilliant, intuitive, powerful work with giving a critical tool to overcoming substantial challenges. Ixchel is full of and passion for what she does, and her commitment to the power of her work combined with the love she naturally gives create an incredibly effective methodology that I recommend to anyone."  S. Rubin - October 2018