Signature Scent for Your Brand

Purpose: Communicate Your Mission & Brand

Fragrance with Purpose ~ Ideal for spas and businesses (hotels, galleries, boutiques, designers, etc.) to increase their branding and platform with conscious intent. Supports your vision and mission statement. Inspires clients and customers to remember your establishment through olfactory memory. Your Signature Scent can be dispersed in the environment through diffusers. It can also be developed into products: perfumes, candles, lotions, etc.

You may have already experienced Parfum Alkemie fragrances at some clients such as The Golden Door, The Peaks Telluride, The Phoenician, CordeValle Resort and Golf Course.


Ixchel (Perfumer) designs both intuitively and with research: interviewing and collaborating with the client, focusing on their needs, preferences, intentions and desired effects of the scent. Perfumer submits three to five scent choices for approval/acceptance. One scent will be chosen by the client. After the preferred scent is chosen, the following is included in the cost:

  • Specific ingredients list of essences

  • Description of the scent

  • Narrative story of the fragrance for the clients platform

  • Costs of future bottles of fragrance and larger quantities


Choice of:

  1. 3ml (90 drops) Synergy of pure essential oils/natural essences for diffuser use.

  2. 10ml (300 drops) Blended essential oils/natural essences in jojoba/grapeseed oils.

  • Beginning at $ 1,800