Parfum for Partners

Purpose: Strengthen or Transform Your Unique Partnership

Partners SoulParfum for Transformation ~ Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, changes in relationships, or special events. Aids and offers support, assisting the pair for this particular moment in time. Great gift idea for wedding/commitment gifts for the couple or for give-away favors for guests; or for partners or couples during transitions in their relationship.


Prior to creating the custom Parfum, Ixchel consults with both parties (in person or by phone). Her intuitive abilities allow her to assist individuals to clearly and succinctly determine what is immediately important to them individually and collectively.

After the initial interview, Ixchel fully intuits the essential oils/natural essences that best support, along with any other helpful intuited information. The parfum and information are given to the clients.

Two Parfums are blended in a base of jojoba/grapeseed oil. Each comes in a decorative carry pouch, the duo nestled in a box.


  • $450 ~ Session, Intuited information, with Two 5ml bottles