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Ixchel Leigh

Ixchel Leigh

"Aromatic Alchemy is a gift for all of us searching for the passion in our life. So we don't get lost along the way, Ixchel Leigh has provided an incredible and thorough map for us to follow. Experience the heart that comes through the pages... and begin your journey."

- Julie Shaw, Jewelry Designs, Artist, Reiki Master

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Aromatic Alchemy :  Second edition

The Second Edition of  Aromatic Alchemy~Recipes for Transformation. Updated information in this 2nd Edition 20-year Anniversary of the original book. The energetic centers in the human body, known as chakras and auras, are pathways for wellbeing. Vibrational AromaTherapy by Ixchel (TM), which includes essential oils and utilizing Nature's bounty of Gifts for wellbeing.  

Ixchel continues the 2001 edition with 100 additional (originally 70) profiles on the transmutational qualities of essential oils and raw materials (for SoulParfum blending), along with their energetic and healing properties (information gathered through channeling and research by Ixchel). Also NEW are chapters on AlcheMystical Parfumerie and SoulAlkemie for furthering connection to your Soul’s purpose as you walk through your life. Publish Date: January 2020

With Shaman in India 1978

soul masala : The Alkemie of Life, Love, and Parfum

Finalist Award Winner, Non-Fiction - 2018 San Francisco Writers Conference

I've sat with shamans in India and an Indian healer in Italy. I've shared beauty secrets and tea with the Troglodyte women of the Saharas and honored the moon with women in the forests of Northwestern America. Shared prayer pipe ceremony at Native American Sundance and shared healing medicine in a Medicine Tipi at International Sundance... Sat in circles of prayer with peoples from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Central America, India, Europe and North America. I was humbled in a private audience with the Dalai Lama and I curtsied when meeting Princess Diana and Prince Charles. I've walked the runways in Paris for a haute couture fashion designer and walked the red carpet in Hollywood at the "Oscars" with a famous actor. I've been devastated by disastrous lovers, experienced losing  my house to bankruptcy, and reinvented myself so often that I've lost count. My journey is like most peoples across the globe, seeking two things: Healing and Love. This book is a narrative memoir, as I travel through the senses to awaken healing, find Great Love, and open to the light of my soul... A life where dreams blossom into reality. Publish date: TBA


"Aromatic Alchemy is a book that honors, ignites, and brings understanding to the mystery of alchemy. It demonstrates practical ways to learn about aromatherapy and provides guidelines for self-study. A wonderful source that celebrates and honors life."

        - Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist, Author: The Four-Fold Way