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A. I am focused on my goals and ready to go.





You picked statement “A” ~  Here’s what this may mean to you right now:


·      The Element Fire can assist right now. Fire connects to your Spirit. Spirit is as Fire, an intelligent essence with the ability to transmute. Fire gives energy to where you need it most. Things you can do: light candles in your environment at home/office/studio. Sit in front of a roaring fire and clarify your intentions.


·      These Essential Oils offer their Aromatic Alkemie support:

Black Pepper Piper nigrum ~ alertness, removing blockages, focus on intentions

Cistus/Labdanum Cistus ladaniferus ~ quiets nerves, positive, uplifting

Massoia Cryptocarya massoia ~ sweetness of life is to be treasured

Combava Pettigrain Citrus hystrix ~ mental clarity, clearing mental cobwebs

Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata ~ dispels over-excited emotional states


·      Ixchel Leigh Artisan Parfums are formulated from organic, wild-crafted, rare, precious, biodynamic (when available), essential oils and essences. They are 100% Authentic Nature. All of the parfums have universal appeal (not gender specific). The following fragrance (from the above mentioned essential oils) offers sustenance:

Phoenix Parfum ~ A spicy, rich fragrance with a bit of zest from a tour through a tropical spice plantation. Formulated using botanicals collected from countries in the southern climes of the globe. Helps remove blockages in the way of lighting the fire to your ideas and creativity. Energizes, encourages alertness, gives focus to your intentions.