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E. i share my deep love of Life conditionally.



You picked statement “E” ~ Here’s what this may mean to you right now:


·      The Element Aether can assist right now. Aether connects to your Soul. The Soul is as Aether, the quinta essentia, the great elixir or life force, and the essence in all things. Aether is a gaseous substance. The ancient Greeks hypothesized that this element was the matter that stars and heavenly bodies are made from. It has the potential to balance all the other elements and holds the promise of transformation. Things you can do: this element is best experienced through meditation and prayer. Also, you can journal: express your intentions and your deepest desires.


·      These Essential Oils offer their Aromatic Alkemie support:

Fossilized Amber Oleum succinic ~ essence of light, increases fertility and abundance

Emerald Cypress Callitris columellaris ~ assists deeply planting your roots on Earth, embracing the totality of your essence

Cardamom Elettarria cardamomum ~ overcome blockages, stirs creative energy

Neroli Citrus aurantium ~ purity of the highest aspect of yourself

Violet Leaf Viola odorata ~ Embrace your magnificence, helps dispel doubt


Escensia Parfum

·      Ixchel Leigh Artisan Parfums are formulated from organic, wild-crafted, rare, precious, biodynamic (when available), essential oils and essences. They are 100% Authentic Nature. All of the parfums have universal appeal (not gender specific). The following fragrance (from the above mentioned Essential Oils) offers sustenance:

Escensia Parfum ~ Warm and sensual, carried in a luscious harmony of balsamic notes, healing trees, rich resins, with a wildness that floats into a heart rich oriental spice, and merges into a delicate floral finale. Created from Nature’s unusual substances collected globally. To experience Escensia is as though the fragrance reaches up from the Earth to touch the Heavens and then floats back to you with all its wisdom. Love is the beginning, the end, and everything in between. The melody of love ignites harmony in the world… And your Soul sings.