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D. I am renewed, calm, and confident.


You picked statement “D” ~ Here’s what this may mean to you right now:


·      The Element Water can assist right now. Water connects to your Emotions and soothes them. The Heart is as Water, carrying the ability to soothe, purify, love, and heal. Things you can do: spend time by water: rivers, streams, oceans. Swim, soak in water, take nurturing baths, or long showers. Place a water feature in your home/office/studio, like a tabletop water fountain. Drink more water than you might normally.


·      These Essential Oils offer their Aromatic Alkemie support:

Black Spruce Picea mariana ~ inhale life and breathe, uplifts adrenals

Choya Nakh Essence of seashells ~ through the waters of the seas: cleansing and purification

Juniper Berry Juniperus communis ~ refreshes and replenishes

Rose Otto Rosa damascena ~ eases grief, sorrow and despair

Yarrow Achillea millefolium ~ helps heal stubborn emotional pain


harmonie parfum

·      Ixchel Leigh Artisan Parfums are formulated from organic, wild-crafted, rare, precious, biodynamic (when available), essential oils and essences. They are 100% Authentic Nature. All of the parfums have universal appeal (not gender specific). The following fragrance (from the above mentioned essential oils) offers sustenance:

Harmonie Parfum ~ A walk through the deepest forests and you emerge to encounter luminous ocean mists. Blended using ingredients from countries in the northern climes of the globe. Ancient trees, essences from the oceans, and flowers create an intriguing mélange. Refreshes, calms, eases jet lag, softens emotional pain, regenerates, renews, and opens pathways for any transitions.