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"Look in the perfumes of flowers and nature for peace of mind and joy of Life."

- Wang Wei, 8th Century


Our Ethos is in the Details

  • “Parfums with Purpose” Beyond Traditional into Transformational

  • Each parfum is hand-poured by master parfumer Ixchel Leigh

  • ONLY essential oils, absolutes, and raw essences

  • Whenever available, ingredients are wild-crafted, organic, sustainable and biodynamic

  • In the ancient Egyptian tradition, organic jojoba & sunflower oil is used in place of alcohol

  • No formaldehyde, parabens, or synthetic chemicals

  • Nourishes the skin

  • Long lasting on the skin with no trail of scent behind the wearer

  • THE LABELS: protect the precious parfum from harmful light.

  • THE BOXES: made from 90% recycled materials. Reusable, recyclable & biodegradable.

  • THE BOTTLES: recyclable imported glass. Inquire about bottle refill options for our repeat customers

Elements Collection

regenerate and ease emotions Water Harmonie
increase endurance and energy Earth Mistique
manifest change Air Illume
focus creativity and remove blocks Fire Phoenix
enhance & empower Aether Escensia

Affirmations Collection

encourage adventure & renewal "I am resilient and I thrive." Brilliant
open heart & reciprocal love "I am love and I experience love." Passion
blossom joy & compassion "I embrace Life as eternally deepening & expanding." Eternal
call in vibrancy of light & pure clarity "I experience Life with acceptance, joy, & clarity." Sonata