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New to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy?

Professional grade essential oils focused for transformation.

The everyday Elixir Collection can be used for a quick lift and is the perfect entry point for someone new to aromatherapy and essential oils. Simply pause, feel within, and identify the chakra or aspect of yourself that needs a little support. Or purchase a full set of the healing Elixirs. Reach in the accompanying pouch, pull one out, and let divination guide you to what you need each day.


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The Chakra Synergy Story

In 1990 the ChakraSynergy series of blends channeled through me and became the healing modality I’ve called Vibrational AromaTherapy. This healing modality uses the body's chakra and aura energy systems to encourage wellbeing. I originally published the system in the Vibrational AromaTherapy Manuals before traveling the U.S. and Great Britain teaching the method to health professionals throughout the 90s.

In 2001, I synthesized the Vibrational AromaTherapy curricula and published  Aromatic Alchemy. I will be publishing the second edition in 2019, with updates, additional information, and a brand new section of Alkemie Parfumerie Compositions.

The Professional Synergy Collection

  • Used by professional therapitsts for nearly 40 years

  • True synergies, mixtures of ONLY therapeutic grade pure essential oils

  • Designed to be used by health professionals or individuals trained in the use of pure essential oils

  • Whenever available, wild-crafted, organic, and biodynamic essential oils used

  • NO synthetics. Ever.

  • Each bottle contains a gemstone chosen by Ixchel that energetically supports the formula

  • Sold as travel size (2 ml), professional size (5 ml) individually or in complete sets

The Everyday Elixir Collection

  • Professional grade synergies pre-blended in sunflower oil for everyday use

  • Appropriate for anyone interested in wholeness and wellbeing

  • Each bottle contains a gemstone chosen by Ixchel that energetically supports the formula

  • Sold as roll ons (10 ml) individually or in a complete set