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My mission: To help others blossom by inspiring them to embrace their uniqueness, find their Soul's path & make their dreams reality.

MY PASSION IS TRANSFORMATION. I have been working with and enjoying essential oils and Nature's raw materials for almost four decades. For most of my life I have explored my heart's desires in alchemy, aromatherapy, spirituality, physics, metaphysics, shamanism, cultural anthropology and the extraordinary world of Nature.

I helped pioneer aromatherapy in the United States, United Kingdom, and India and consult worldwide with both individuals and companies. Using my expertise and vision, I create divine concoctions that trigger a process of transformation, ignite a new way of thinking, and rejuvenate the zest of ones dreams, often leading to life changing revelations.


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Ixchel Leigh, The Fragrance Alkemist, weaves together the modern science of scent with wisdom of the ancients in both her transformational perfumery and sensual writing. Through the healing properties of plants, Parfums with Purpose supports an individual’s dreams, goals, and desires. Ixchel encourages individuals to find their motivational passions in life and enliven their personal uniqueness.



What you may not know about me

I'm a sensitive intuitive

I feel deeply. I receive information in many forms. Clairvoyant (pictures), Clairaudient (thoughts), Clairsentient (feelings), Clairgustance (taste and smell), and Claircognizance (a sense of knowing). This gift allows me to perceive what is possible.

Secretly, I'm a hermit,

Because the world can be overwhelming. However, I unapologetically embrace all that is beautiful on this Earth, including tears. What motivates me? I give myself permission to blossom.

I love life’s sensuous pleasures 

  • Taste: the salty, sweet, spiciness of foods.

  • Sight: the intense grandness of the oceans and mountains; flowers and birds, outrageously brilliant nature to gain inspiration.

  • Touch: to know the ecstasy of the body.

  • Sound: music encourages my body to move.

  • Scent takes me on a journey into taste, sight, touch and sound. I feel scent and it changes my Life.

I’m a published author with new books coming out in 2020!


A Journey through Scent

  • 2018 - Launch of company Artisan Parfums - Parfums with Purpose

  • 2010 - Opened retail gallery and apothecary in Carmel, CA: IXCHEL ECOLUXE

  • 2007 - Ixchel Leigh Parfumerie and Escentials created

  • 2001 - Present: The Fragrance Alkemist ~ Raw materials perfumer to inspire transformation.

  • 1990 - Present: Conceived and teach healing modality ~ Vibrational AromaTherapy by Ixchel (TM)

  • 1989 - Present: Create Signature Scents for Businesses: The Golden Door, The Peaks Telluride, The Phoenician Spa, CordeValle Resort & Golf , Skin Spa - CA,Tara Spa Therapy, and others.

  • 1989 - 1995: Essence AromaTherapy, Candles and Massage oils found in leading department stores, boutiques and spas. (ie: Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendels, Ventana Spa)

  • 1985 - Present: Published writer and author ~ Vibrational AromaTherapy by Ixchel - Manual for Training Health Professionals; Aromatic Alchemy - Recipes for Transformation. Published articles on wellness in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

  • 1971 - 1972: Explorations with essential oils begin with a year in Provence, France, modeling in Paris, and traveling Europe.



Since the 1980's I have donated a portion of the sales of my products to non-profits that offer reliable water sources and promote clean water, for communities around the world.

CLEAN WATER! The global water crisis claims 3.4 million lives each year. It's not just a statistic. It's 3.4 million people with names, families, hopes and dreams.

Our oceans and seas are polluted. Many communities in the western US are in the middle of a drought, dangerously affecting the supply of water. In developing countries women and children are affected the most because they are usually the ones collecting the water, which can take hours out of their day. Giving them back those hours equals education. When confronted with reality, we must respond.

Since the 1980's, I have donated a portion of the sales of my products to non-profits that provide clean water solutions around the world including,,, Pure Water for the World, and Water for Good. This is not someone else's crisis ... it's everyones’.

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"My heart & my life are committed to Love and Transformation & guiding myself & others to make changes that enrich all Life." 

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